Brave Conversations with Richie Brave + Keeley Taverner

Brave Conversations

Richie Brave from BBC Radio 1Xtra invited me as a guest on his podcast, Brave Conversations, to reflect on the black experience in the UK.

Have a listen. It was an honour to be involved and I welcome your comments.

Richie Brave hosts a special six-part series reflecting the black experience in the UK called Brave Conversations. We all know the stats. Black people are more likely to be stopped, more likely to be searched, more likely to be arrested and are less likely to get job interviews or university places. But what are we actually doing about all of this? What does it all mean? How do we empower those in the system to make the playing field a more level place? This episode features special guests psychotherapist Keeley Taverner, rapper and activist Che Lingo, councillor Eartha Pond, filmmaker Leon Oldstrong, therapeutic diversion practitioner Ebinehita Iyere.

Keeley Taverner is a psychotherapist who is a companion to people taking steps to understand and overcome life dilemmas. If you have been inspired by this article, please feel free to contact Keeley or arrange a no-fee fact-finding call.

If you would like to interview Keeley for your publications, please do get in touch. Keeley has recently been featured in Therapy Today and Brunel Link magazine. Keeley is happy to be on radio, TV, podcasts and similar.

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