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Navigate Narcissism Now with Keeley Taverner

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Are you ready to move on from narcissistic abuse? Do you want to make your pain purposeful?

This one is for all those that have been called too sensitive, and too emotional. It’s for those that give everything and get little back in return and it is especially for those who have had to deal with narcissistic people in their life. That includes lovers, family, friends, colleagues – yes, it may be your parents, children or siblings.

Navigate Narcissism Now Is For You​ If you want to....

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This exclusive 6-month program is an empathic community of like-minded people seeking to learn, understand and make important life changes.

Our proven techniques, combined with personal support, will enable you to harness your empathy and turn it into power, strength and success.

the big question

Is Caring A Curse?​​

I’ve asked myself the same question.

It’s baffling when your good intentions backfire and you end up in a mess because you’ve tried to help others out.

As such, they’re highly likely to be used and exploited by manipulative people. In fact, narcissists have a highly sensitive radar for your personality type and when they lock into you it can be devastating.

It’s no wonder so many empaths end up in therapy where they’re burned out, deeply depressed and filled with bitter resentment. Empaths are natural givers and often attract highly selfish people so it’s no wonder they never get back what they give.

Unaware empaths often end up in one-way relationships, giving their all until they’re all used up.

I was once in your shoes and if there’s one thing I would change, it would be to get dedicated support sooner.

I used to think

that being kind was normal.

I thought everyone had empathy, so I naturally saw the best in others.

I was in love with their potential and thought, with enough kindness and patience I could change them, how wrong was I?

I was baffled when people were deliberately cruel and unkind.

So I tried harder, gave more and made bigger sacrifices going above and beyond to bring their potential to light. When more hate, betrayal and manipulation came back, I was dumbfounded and trapped in a vicious cycle.

Until I discovered that I was the problem. I kept falling in love with potential and wasting my energy.

I was an unaware empath and I was hurting myself. Without support, my mental health was declining fast (as well as my bank balance!). The debts were high, the stress too and I couldn’t see a way out. Caring backfired and just hurt way too much?

The real change came when I finally started to get help. When I decided to take back my empathy and be kind to myself first. I invested in my personal development, stopped learning about narcissism and began learning about empathy.

I wanted to be true to my empathic nature, but become much savvier about people in my circle and how best to get wiser at navigating difficult personalities.

I took a long hard look at myself and began to take full responsibility for my choices and the sad state of my life. Today, I have harnessed those empathic skills for my greater good, I have a fascinating career, and a fulfilled life and it’s my passion to help you do the same.

BUT, YOU must learn to discern who is worthy of your precious empathic gifts.

Developing this skill is essential to having a better life. 

It’s highly likely YOU need to take back your empathy and be kind to YOU. Empower YOU to reflect on your life, so YOU can make different choices to live a better life. 

You see, life doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, confusing and complicated. IF you have a proven process you can trust, the support to give you clarity and a desire to change, then you too can harness your empathic nature to live a much more fulfilling life.

And all of that is exactly what you’ll get on Navigate Narcissism Now – and more!

Navigate Narcissism Now

A 6-month online program designed to help you navigate narcissism and harness empathy into a super strength.

Navigate Narcissism Now is a powerful group program that provides you with support, techniques and strategies, plus weekly teaching materials and a trusted process to help you harness your empathy into power, strength and success.

You’ll have direct access to Keeley Taverner with live sessions every week. 

You’ll get specific detailed answers to all your questions, personal feedback and support for every single step you take on your journey of meaningful change.

You’ll be part of an empathic community of caring like-minded people who will hold you accountable (if you so desire), where you get to bounce ideas off each other, celebrate your wins and receive support when you feel challenged.



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Let me break it down

  • If you want to stay stuck in a vicious cycle where you continuously blame the narcissist, Navigate Narcissism Now is NOT for you
  • If you’re not willing to take bold action to change your life, then Navigate Narcissism Now is NOT for you
  • If you’d rather make excuses, remain a victim, take zero responsibility and remain in your comfort zone, Navigate Narcissism Now is NOT for you



  • If you’re ready to take a leap to improve your life and discover more about who you could be then Navigate Narcissism Now is for YOU
  • If you’re ready to harness your empathic power to radically change your life, then Navigate Narcissism Now is for YOU.
  • If you want to deal more effectively with difficult manipulative people, then Navigate Narcissism Now is for YOU.
  • If you want clarity, support and encouragement from a community of like-minded change-seeking people. Then we can’t wait to welcome you to this amazing life changing community.

you ask, i answer


If you have any questions about Navigate Narcissism Now, I recommend you book a free, no-obligation call with me.

These calls are for 45 minutes.

In a nutshell...

Please note, these calls are NOT sales calls. They’re exploratory calls to see if you this program is right for you and your individual circumstances.

Navigate Narcissism Now is on an online programme, where you have access to the content in a private learning environment. There’s also live sessions delivered by Zoom and an online private group to link up with other members.

You have full access to all content, including the live classes, for 6 months. This is a self-paced course so you work at a speed that works for you. If at the end of the 6 months, you need more time, we can discuss.

Everyone’s situation is different so I recommend you talk to me. Book your free, no obligation call today – don’t worry, this isn’t a sales call.

If you can’t see a date/time that works for you, please email keyspa@keyforchange.com and we will see what we can do. 

Please note, these calls are in high demand so availability is limited.

Honestly, loads! Your questions about the course content will be answered by me and this program was created by someone who really loves helping people, and who really gives a sh!t about helping them make changes too (that’s me!), so I probably over-deliver on the support side of things!

Not as part of the course.

However, you do have the option of purchasing one-to-one sessions at a discounted rate.

You can get 5 sessions for £500 or 10 sessions for £1000 if you purchase at the same time as purchasing the course.

One to one sessions normally start at £150 per session.

Let’s talk. If you feel you need additional support, I can arrange one-to-one sessions in addition to the course. Please note these are discounted when purchased at the same time as the course.

You just need access to the Internet and Zoom, which is free and can be downloaded on any device.

We have seen the life-changing power of this program again, and again, when the right people jump in, are ready, committed, show up and do the work.

If you’re not right for this program, I will suggest an alternative. 

And because we care so much about working with the right people, I personally actually speak to each and every person.

This is why, while we do not offer refunds (please read our full policy here).

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