The big issue: Black matters

Make sure you take 10 minutes to check out Therapy Today, specifically The big issue: Black matters. It’s an article about race where black and Asian counsellors talk about race and the counselling profession, and what needs to change. I, along with others in my field, were interviewed to give out thoughts on 1) how we can talk about race and 2) what we can do to facilitate change. Black matters!Black Matters - Therapy Today - Keeley Taverner

In the article, I talk about the importance of power and self-empowerment. After all, what matters is power, and if you don’t have power, you don’t get a seat at the table. We have to empower ourselves, individually and collectively.

Have a read and then pop back here I welcome and look forward to your comments.


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Keeley Taverner is a well-respected psychotherapist, author and coach. If you have been inspired by this article or would like to interview Keeley for your publications, please do get in touch.