Keeley Taverner was asked to contribute an article to IMPACT Magazine, a publication whose mission is to share news and stories so more people understand the value of coaching.

In this article, Keeley emphasises the importance of not getting stuck in endless research about narcissism, as it can lead to negative consequences such as obsession and perpetual victimhood. While understanding narcissism is valuable for personal growth, Keeley encourages readers to move beyond research and focus on self-reflection and healing.

She argues that true transformation begins within oneself, requiring bravery, courage, and self-enquiry. Instead of perpetually seeking positivity, she suggests flipping the mirror back on oneself and taking responsibility for one’s choices and behaviours.

Impact magazine keeley taverner

The article also highlights that victims of narcissism often possess agreeable traits, making it challenging to stand up for themselves. However, Keeley believes that these experiences can be opportunities for growth.

Keeley presents three principles for personal transformation: deepened self-awareness, conscious choice, and action. By following these principles, individuals can break free from stagnation, pursue their passions, and unlock their full potential.

The article encourages readers to embark on a personal revolution by embracing self-awareness, making conscious choices, and taking action to lead a more fulfilling life.

Read the full article online.

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Keeley Taverner is a well-respected psychotherapist, author and coach. If you have been inspired by this article or would like to interview Keeley for your publications, please do get in touch.