Was 2020 a complete waste of time?

Was 2020 a complete waste of time?

Well, many invaluable life-changing lessons can be gleaned from adversity – there is value in life’s valleys. And there has been a lot of adversity in 2020!

If nothing, 2020 has shown us we are far more resilient and adaptable than we thought.

Yes, relationships have been strained and unhealthy family dynamics may have come to the fore. Yet, there are many benefits to confronting age-old problems – head-on!

The question always is: What tiny steps can you take to empower yourself right NOW, so you take proactive action to create a better tomorrow?

2020 has shown us that we all have the capacity to change.

Yes, it may be frightening.

Yes, you may hate uncertainty.

Yet, 2020 has taught us the importance of living in the NOW, as it is virtually impossible to plan for an uncertain future.

We learnt the value of living more simply and prioritising what matters and letting go of what no longer serves us.

We realised how much money we wasted and some of us were able to make a significant dent on our debt or watched our savings increase.

Another unintended benefit from adversity.

We revisited old arts and crafts.

We finally had a chance to do a thorough clear out.

Yet more unintended benefits from adversity.

We checked in with friends and family.

We thought about our meals and had the space to cook from scratch if our heart desired.

Another unintended benefit from adversity.

Ultimately, adversity reveals that certainty is unpredictable and change is inevitable.

The key is how we respond to our situations. We, humans, are far more resilient than we think!

Now you tell me, was 2020 a complete waste of time?


Was 2020 a complete waste of time?

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