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Bring me in to your place of work

I am proud to offer both onsite and offsite corporate services, working alongside local businesses to provide assessments, clinical advice, training and emotional support.

Ask us about our corporate expertise when you wish to:

  • Reduce the effects of work-related stress
  • Limit the risk of work-related absence
  • Enhance team engagement and development
  • Improve employee health, empowerment and performance

    If you are interested in booking Keeley Taverner for any workplace consulting, please email or call 01895 239246.

    All packages are tailored to your specific needs and industry.

  • Staff wellness Key for Change services

    Key for Change offers personalised workshops dealing with a range of well-being issues, specifically designed to meet the emerging needs of your team or organisation.

    Below are just some of our most frequently requested workshops:

    • Stress management
    • Self-care
    • Improving your sleep
    • Master your worries
    • Relaxation strategies
    • Mindfulness
    • Difficult conversations

    We also undertake emotional well-being check-ups, which provide an opportunity for organisations to take a proactive approach towards the emotional health of their staff.

    This programme enables staff to assess their current level of emotional health and self-care strategies in a confidential environment.

    A lunch and learn is a program where employers encourage employees to eat lunch in a group setting while simultaneously utilising that time to complete trainings, seminars, and other education.

    A lunch and learn event is an opportunity for co-workers from different teams to meet and share their skills and expertise. It could be a one-off session or it could be a course that takes place over several weeks.

    Lunch and learns don’t have to focus on your core business activities – they are a great platform to promote wellbeing.

    If you are interested in booking Keeley Taverner to host a Lunch & Learn, email

    These packages are tailored to your specific needs and industry.

    Executive Coaching Key for Change servicesOur executive coaching service is aimed at individuals working in businesses and the professions, including managers and leaders, chairmen, chairwomen, CEOs, directors and those aspiring to such roles.

    What does executive coaching involve?

    We take a positive, non-judgemental and solution-focused approach to executive coaching here at Key for Change, while keeping you challenged at every stage of our relationship.

    Trust us to enable you to set better goals and to create the most effective plans of action. Expect us to continually question you to facilitate your self-awareness and self-directed learning.

    Coaching is also relatively short-term and assumes the individual is psychologically healthy and does not require clinical intervention.

    No one provides this service quite like Key for Change!

    When you turn to Key for Change for executive coaching, you can expect the broadest expertise and assistance to address a wide range of issues that may impact on your work and professional life.

    Our wide-ranging experience and professional training equip us with the skills to help those who are presently at the top of their corporate game, as well as those requiring support for stress or even burnout.

    This is made possible by the sound psychological understanding that underpins our consulting and coaching skills. Having worked for many years with the corporate and public sector, we are uniquely placed to deliver optimised executive coaching that brings results.

    We help you to extract the utmost executive potential.

    We aim to first help to identify relevant issues, whether through face-to-face consultations, psychometric tests or 360-degree feedback methods. We then devise approaches and offer skills for managing or overcoming any issues.

    Our approach is:

    • Energising and motivating, involving you directly in the process
    • Focused on what you can or need to achieve, either as a leader or manager
    • Contextual; we look at how change will impact your professional and personal relationships
    • Based on modern psychological approaches

    Unlike many other executive coaching providers, we do not require you to commit to a certain minimum length of coaching. You can opt for a single session or arrange multiple sessions, in the expectation that we will tailor our coaching to your needs.

    Interested? Call 01895 239246, or book your consultation to get started!

    360 degree feedback Key for Change servicesWhat is 360-degree feedback?

    360-degree feedback is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee’s manager, peers and direct reports.

    A mixture of about eight to 12 people fill out an anonymous feedback form that asks questions covering a broad range of workplace competencies. The feedback forms include questions that are measured on a rating scale, while also asking raters to provide written comments.

    The person receiving feedback also fills out a self-rating survey that includes the same survey questions others receive in their forms.

    What are the benefits

    Managers and leaders within organisations use 360-degree feedback surveys to gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. The 360-degree feedback system automatically tabulates the results, presenting them in a format that helps the feedback recipient to create a development plan.

    Individual responses are always combined with responses from other people in the same rater category (e.g. peer, direct report) in order to preserve anonymity and to give the employee a clear picture of his/her greatest overall strengths and weaknesses.

    An approach that also suits non-managers.

    360-degree feedback can also be a useful development tool for people who are not in a management role.

    Strictly speaking, a ‘non-manager’ 360 assessment is not measuring feedback from 360 degrees since there are no direct reports, but the same principles still apply. 360-degree feedback for non-managers is useful to help people to be more effective in their current roles.

    This approach can also assist such professionals in understanding what areas they should focus on if they wish to move into a management role.

    Employee counselling Key for Change servicesWhat is the focus of counselling?

    Counselling is focused on resolving employee psychological issues with the help of a qualified professional counsellor. People turn to counselling when they feel depressed, anxious, bullied, under stress or at the crossroads of their lives.

    Counselling gives professionals the chance to talk things through, very often relieving what may be building emotional pressure, clearing the way for them to focus and decide what to do next.

    When you wish to provide your employees with an improved sense of direction in working through their problems, get in touch with Key for Change about our employee counselling service.

    We are renowned providers of counselling for workers. Professional counselling is a key service of ours. We have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced practitioners ready to provide counselling support in West London.

    Drawing upon a depth of experience and training, our experts can address the wide variety of issues that your employees may be facing, working closely with them while accessing any required resources and professional assistance.

    Common issues that clients bring to counselling include:

    • Personal issues
    • Work / life effectiveness
    • Relationship issues
    • Interpersonal conflict
    • Working relationships
    • Substance abuse
    • Gambling
    • Trauma
    • Depression
    • Grief and Loss
    • Financial concerns
    • Anxiety
    • Parenting
    • Legal concerns

    We also have psychologists and psychiatrists based at Key for Change that can undertake private psychological assessments.

    In the immediate aftermath of an incident or accident, our team of psychologists can assist by developing a disaster recovery plan and providing first-hand psychological support.

    Alternatively, they can simply be available to your employees in the weeks and months that follow, should they or their families require support.

    We can also provide crucial training.

    Place your trust in Key for Change when you wish to train key employees to organise and provide basic psychological support after a critical incident, as well as train them in the skilful and sympathetic handling of the media in such circumstances.

    Finally, we are also able to provide treatment to any employees affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).