THE MIRROR We need more black therapists

British-Jamaican psychotherapist Keeley Taverner has highlighted significant barriers for black people seeking mental health support in the UK. Data reveals that black individuals are five times more likely to be detained under the Mental Health Act compared to their white counterparts.

In this article, Keeley emphasises the need for more black therapists to provide culturally competent care, as many black individuals hesitate to seek therapy due to the misconception that it’s for the white middle-class. Her organisation, Key for Change, seeks to bridge this gap and provide relatable therapists who can empathise with the unique experiences of black individuals. 

Keeley’s journey is rooted in challenging the stereotype that therapy is for the middle class and providing more inclusive mental health support. The article underscores the urgent call for increased representation of black therapists in the UK’s mental health system to better serve the needs of the black community.

Read the article online.

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Keeley Taverner is a well-respected psychotherapist, author and coach. If you have been inspired by this article or would like to interview Keeley for your publications, please do get in touch.