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Don ‘t just take my word for it…

I am grateful for Keeley’s expertise and knowledge. I loved her delivery and perceptive manner. Listening to her words, scenarios and YouTube videos as a reminder has encouraged me to take the vital steps to let go of the pain – and do things which will inevitably will make me a happier, more fulfilled person. Thank you.

Pain into Purpose online course attendee, 2020.

PITP 2 - Feedback Quotes5

The Hook was the best! I really identify with this and keep returning to it. I really enjoyed the workshop. You were really engaged which meant the group were too. Good workbook exercises.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2020.

If one wants to understand why or need the time and space to unpack their reality, then contact Key 4 Change where Keeley and her team can give clarity and the tools to make that stand or much needed change.

She is not just good but beautifully organic and very much well read.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

Key for Change Workshop Visual prompts at the Feel Loved workshop

I think that at a time when I thought nothing can be done to make me feel better; I’ve found your website and Facebook page and I was struck with how different it felt. Packed with positive energy and this ‘straight to the point’ approach that I found very refreshing.

Even though I had my doubts about me even needing to see anyone for help and being horribly stressed out about the whole thing; you instantly made me feel comfortable and safe. You seemed to understand me and my perspective which made me open up about things I would never tell to anyone else in fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Client, 2019.

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I found every topic fruitful and useful for my journey.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

You’re brilliant. You’re brilliance. The workshop attendees loved you. All was good. Well done!

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

Love those smiles. Love those smiles at a workshop.

Loved the thinking around WA and how our bodies react to certain people.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2020.

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It has been quite a journey so far. I feel that this has come at the right time for me. It has been painful, eye opening, intense, scary, deep, thought provoking, reflective and funny. I can feel my soul crying and laughing at the same time. You are truly an earth angel. Thank you for all this goodness so far. I am excited to see where the next 5 weeks take us…..

My response, shared with permission:

What can I say, it’s an honour to serve. While it’s scary, what I find the most horrifiying is that I was so unaware in my past, abusive one-way relationships became the norm. As scary as it can be, it’s best for our future self that we get that material out of the darkness of our mind and into the light.

Client, 2020.

I really enjoyed the informal, straight-talking approach!

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

I have recently completed the Feel Loved pilot group with Keeley.

Firstly, it was an amazing experience to engage with other people from all walks of life, who had all suffered in relationships that did not serve them. It was comforting to not feel alone and also to begin to understand why I had allowed and continued to allow, these situations into my life.

Keeley is a very knowledgeable psychotherapist who has a gift for being able to tailor her advice and language to suit each individual, even within a group setting. Keeley genuinely has your best interests at heart and this beams out in every session.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

Key for Change Workshop Breakthrough bells at Feel Loved. Key Welcomes You Everyone is welcome at Key for Change.

The workshop was funny with very relatable anecdotes that send the message home. Love enthusiasm for the content – please do more amazing content.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

I have taken a deep breath, and with all the fear in the world, have installed the Setmore button on my website. This is thanks to you making me face my worse fears and reach more full potential. I cannot thank you enough.

Patricia from debt-talk.com, 2020.

Key, please do more workshops. You are awesome in real life!

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

The Feel Loved course was delivered in a relaxed, fun and friendly way that put me at ease…everyone connected and particpated and I felt encouraged to share as the space felt safe.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.


Very engaging, informative but humorous. I wish I had shared and spoke up more! Please do more of everything. Thank you for today, I feel really blessed to have you in my life.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

The whole class atmosphere created made it safe to talk openly. I enjoyed the insights and learning from Keeley and am looking forward to reading through the workbook.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

Thanks, Keeley, for the referral. For the first time ever in my life I felt beautiful that day, Claire was just amazing!

Relating to the profile photoshoot.

Patricia from debt-talk.com captured by thebrandingphotographer.com

I know you will not remember me but I met you some years ago. I just wanted to reach out to you a let you know I love what you are doing on YouTube. I understand that it really takes a lot to put yourself out there. I want to send you loads of encouragement and I look forward seeing climb higher and higher. Keep on going, you are doing great things.

Angela, 2019.

Life changing experience.

(I could write paragraphs but it’s all about keeping it simple).

Punam, Facebook recommendation.

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Amazing day – no complaints! The Hook was my favourite topic. I didn’t recognise this before!)

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2020.


No words. This women has changed my life. God bless her for helping me to see my greatness. Profound experience.

Marcus, Facebook recommendation.

It was great to be in a room with others who have similar experiences. Enjoyed the flow of the workshop and the lack of pressure to speak.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

PITP 2 - Feedback Quotes1

I throughly enjoyed the whole workshop.

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

I wish we had more time! Thank you very much Keeley! It was awesome. A great workshop!

Feel Loved Workshop attendee, 2019.

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