23rd June 2021 @ 8:30pm (BST)

Narcissists and empaths go together as perfectly as a hand fits a glove. It’s such a beautiful fit.

The beginning of a narc/empath relationship is epic, like a roller coaster climbing to a new majestic height. The world is beautiful when you love with such passion and intensity.

You’re riding high; it all seems so great, so perfect, like a dream – you have certainly have met your match…

Then out of nowhere, the descent happens. What goes up, must come down and, boy oh boy, it goes down with such a thud! 

When the narc/empath dynamic starts to play out, it hurts like hell. Fact. It’s so totally unbelievable you think the issue must be you and, like me, you may go on ‘campaign change’. You adjust, accommodate and make allowances –  basically, making a rod for your own back. 

Eventually, you get to the point where you know you must break away. Yet there is a magnetic pull and you get caught up in the confusion between logic and emotion – why is it so hard to break free? Why do few people truly understand? It’s a difficult battle to fight alone.

It’s a toxic mix. One minute you feel like soul mates, next you feel invisible. When it’s good it’s great! And when it’s bad, you’re so very sad.  Push ‘n’ pull, back ‘n’ forth, up ‘n’ down you go. Friends don’t get it, professionals don’t always get it either. 

Often we suffer alone and are utterly baffled why the toxic dynamic is so incredibly hard to break.

Fret not, you are not alone. 

Join me, Keeley Taverner,  a survivor of narcissistic abuse who has thrived on the adversity of my experience. I’m a psychotherapist dedicating my passion to helping others overcome this common type of covert abuse. 

When the narc/empath dynamic starts to play out, it hurts like hell. It's so totally unbelievable you think the issue must be you.

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How much is the Talk + Teach session?

It’s free! All you need to do is register and look out for the email with joining instructions.

What is a Talk + Teach?

Think of it as a mini course. It’s one hour of interactive live teaching.

Who runs these sessions?

The sessions are live sessions hosted by psychotherapist and author, Keeley Taverner. You can find out more about Keeley on this website.

Will people see me at the session?

Only if you choose to be seen. You have control over whether you switch your camera on and/or show your name.

Can I ask questions?

Please do, I encourage it. Please send an email to my assistant who will compile all the questions claire@keyforchange.com with TEACH + TALK in the subject line.

What happens after the session?

That’s for you to decide. Nothing. Lots. Your choice. You can work with me on a deeper level – via my courses perhaps or maybe you’d like to talk to me about something specific.

Sounds great! What do I need?

You need an internet connection and the ability to access Zoom. I also recommend having a glass of water and a pen and paper to hand.