Unfollowing, defriending and muting = self care

Unfollowing is self care

Unfollowing, defriending and muting people is an act of self-care. This action alone can keep temptation and unhelpful people at bay.

You see, if we don’t learn to take full responsibility for our well being, then others will profit from our lack of due diligence.

That’s why when that selfish, cruel, thoughtless big D. bozo PINGS your phone at 12:05 am with that ‘You up?’ text. Don’t blame him for trying his luck. You left the door ajar and so he has full access to you as and when he sees fit.

It will benefit you to accept that by not looking out for yourself, you have allowed a problematic person access to you.

It hurts. The relationship is on his terms because you allowed the game to be played that way.

If you don’t like it, change it. You have the power to do that.

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Self care and WhatsApp Anxiety

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