Stay Sane with Keeley Taverner (eBook)

A free downloadable eBook with 50 self-care tips to help you stay sane.



It’s time to stay sane.

Rapid change has been thrust upon all of us in ways we do not welcome or desire.

Adapting to our ‘new normal’ will be of the utmost importance for our mental health. Resistance is futile and will result in high levels of stress, worry and anxiety which will fuel feelings of powerlessness. Feeling powerless is not good for the human spirit.

What you need now, more than ever, is to feel empowered.

Embracing the tips in this FREE ebook, we help you to re-direct your attention to what you can control. Focusing on what you can control is crucial for fighting off feelings of powerlessness.

You need a sense of control and power over your life and these tips will help you to take active steps to move in that direction.


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This is a PDF of my book, first published in 2020.


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