Navigate Narcissism Now [Online Course]



A 6-month online program designed to help you navigate narcissism and harness empathy into a super strength.

Navigate Narcissism Now is a powerful group program that provides you with support, techniques and strategies, plus weekly teaching materials and a trusted process to help you harness your empathy into power, strength and success.

You’ll have direct access to Keeley Taverner with live sessions every week.

You’ll get specific detailed answers to all your questions, personal feedback and support for every single step you take on your journey of meaningful change.

You’ll be part of an empathic community of caring like-minded people who will hold you accountable (if you so desire), where you get to bounce ideas off each other, celebrate your wins and receive support when you feel challenged.

If you’re interested in this flagship course, please do book a call with Keeley.

Navigate Narcissism Now [Online Course]