Workbook 2: HELP! I'm dating a narcissist (eBook)

A narcissist has two masks: the well-polished public persona and the private one that’s making your life a misery. What is worse, when you tell people, they may think that you’re the problem, creating more angst and isolation, which only serves the narcissist’s agenda. He needs you to be isolated. This workbook will help you if you are dating a narcissist.



The narcissist enjoys a well-polished public persona, the one that everyone sees, loves, admires and adores. It was this mask that you fell in love with. It was that façade that charmed the knickers off you and totally rocked your socks off.

I get it, it’s totally understandable. He’s an alpha male: persistent, seemingly successful or popular and hard to resist. Plus he pursued you and wouldn’t take no for an answer. However, maintaining a mask is draining, and it’s only a matter of time before the cracks start to show. By the time you grasped that he was a spiteful, moody and an unnecessarily difficult person, you were already too far in. And what you may have shrugged off as slight character flaws has slowly mushroomed into a monster that is crushing your confidence.

  • Questioned your sanity?
  • Constantly second-guessed yourself?
  • Felt like nothing you do is ever good enough?
  • Experienced feelings of anxiety, isolation and despair?

Help! I Am Dating A Narcissist is a workbook designed to encourage you to think, question and gain deeper insights by exploring the various ways both you and your partner have changed.

  • Begin with a self-assessment questionnaire that identifies subtle changes in your behaviour.
  • Explore co-dependency and uncover the exploitative tactics that baffle you and cause you to second-guess yourself.
  • Compassionately examine the ways you’re devalued and the gradual (or rapid) decline in your self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Help! I Am Dating A Narcissist is perfect for you. The material is inspired by my real-life experience of loving a narcissistic man as well as my work as a psychotherapist and coach that’s dealt with so many people that send me personal messages and enquiries via the Key for Change social media platforms.

This workbook is incredibly empowering and far more expansive than online quizzes. Here, you will get an opportunity to do a deep dive into the perplexing dynamics of your situation, that will help you to make an informed decision about the best way to progress forward.

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Workbook 2: HELP! I'm dating a narcissist (eBook)

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