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From the Feel Loved Workshop
When all’s said and done, all we ever truly want is to feel loved.

But all too often, our experiences of love can be far from fruitful and at worst can be so hurtful that we become scared to love again.

How did it all come to this? How did loving someone take us down so low? What the hell is going on?

If the above speaks to you, then Feel Loved has been designed with you in mind. I too have been there, and I totally get it. Love can hurt, especially when we don’t understand the factors that are at play. The truth is, so many of us don’t get it, we were never taught the life skills we needed. This is especially true if we were exposed to unhealthy relationship models when we were young or had a traumatic childhood. The reality is that unhelpful experiences wire our brains, so by the time we get to adulthood we unconsciously end up re-creating familiar pain in our intimate relationships. This is why I have gone to great lengths to create the Feel Loved: Workshop and this workbook to help you break unhelpful cycles, and learn invaluable lessons so that you can love wholeheartedly again.

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