Dating a narcissist + Why Love Hurts eBook Bundle

This three ebook bundle includes three of my best selling books! The bundle includes: Am I dating a narcissist? workbook, plus its follow up, HELP! I am dating a narcissist along with my best selling book,  Why love hurts (and why self-love is the key). Normally, this set is £26. You can buy the bundle for just £17.00 – saving you £8 (that’s the equivalent of getting a book free!).



The Dating a narcissist + Feel Loved eBook three ebook bundle includes three of my best selling books, all in one bundle.

Book 1: Am I dating a narcissist?
The label ‘narcissist’ is becoming increasingly familiar nowadays. However, falling in love with such an individual is difficult, and your relationship will be riddled with increasing levels of difficulty once the honeymoon phase is over. You will forever want the ‘good days’ back and question where the man went that you fell in love with. If you have grown curious, confused, or concerned about aspects of his behaviour and the impact on your wellbeing, then this workbook is for you.

Book 2: Help I am dating a narcissist
A narcissist has two masks: the well-polished public persona and the private one that’s making your life a misery. What is worse, when you tell people, they may think that you’re the problem, creating more angst and isolation, which only serves the narcissist’s agenda. He needs you to be isolated. This workbook will help you if you are dating a narcissist.

Book 3: Why love hurts (and why self-love is the key)
You might think, ‘it’s all very well saying ‘self-love’, but what does that mean, how do I actually go about doing it, and what does it have to do with my current problems?’ Self-love is not generic; it’s as unique as your fingerprints and needs to be applied according to the battles that you’re facing. This book is designed to wake you up, taking you on a journey where we break down why self-love is fundamental to your relationships and why getting ‘woke’ is the key that will revolutionise your love life. Discover why having ‘a certain type’ is a problem, how you inadvertently screw yourself over, and the unconscious processes that keep you repeating the same cycle again and again.


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Dating a narcissist + Why Love Hurts eBook Bundle

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