Workbook 1: Am I dating a narcissist? (eBook)

Are you dating a narcissist? The label ‘narcissist’ is becoming increasingly familiar nowadays. However, falling in love with such an individual is difficult, and your relationship will be riddled with increasing levels of difficulty once the honeymoon phase is over. You will forever want the ‘good days’ back and question where the man went that you fell in love with. If you have grown curious, confused or concerned about aspects of his behaviour and the impact on your wellbeing, then this workbook is for you.



Do you wonder if you are dating a narcissist?
Do you keep wondering whether it’s something you said or did, or whether you’re the problem?
Is your partner’s behaviour causing increasing unease, confusion and concern?
Did the relationship start with an epic high and now you’re experiencing some serious lows?

So, you’ve started to notice some odd behaviours, a little bit of blaming here and there, plus a subtle pattern of him side-skirting responsibility. You’re not 100% sure but something doesn’t seem right. Very slowly the relationship is starting to feel like a rollercoaster, and conflicting feelings are unsettling you, but you’re not sure if it’s you or him?

Or perhaps you have had a history of attracting the selfish, self-centred types and despite Mr X seeming to be very different, once again you’re left scratching your head. Plus, his mood swings are becoming a little unpredictable, and you’ve noticed that you are starting to bend over backwards to accommodate him. Yet, when you need him to be flexible, he is not so accommodating and has a multitude of reasons why he can’t.

Or have you witnessed him fly off the handle for a minor infringement that put question marks over your original perception of him? His reaction was disproportionate for the incident, and after the last outburst, you’ve taken to the internet to understand your concerns about his behaviour.

The Am I dating a narcissist? workbook begins by looking at the various aspects of the relationship in detail. We spend time examining the make-up of women that love narcissistic men and why you, understandably, fall head over heels for his charm. Then we look at his personality and your relationship together. We look at the roller coaster effect and why it’s inevitable that this type of relationship will be filled with epic highs and tremendous lows.

  • Curious about what happened to the amazing man that you fell in love with?
  • Wondering why everything appears to be your fault?
  • Thinking that his behaviour is a little bizarre?
  • Unsure about what type of mood he will be in?
  • Increasingly unsure of yourself?

Then the Am I dating a narcissist? workbook is perfect for you.

The material is inspired by my real-life experience of loving a narcissistic man as well as my work as a therapist and coach that’s dealt with so many people that send me personal messages and enquiries via the Key for Change social media platforms. Here, you will get an opportunity to do a deep dive and gain insight into the dynamics so that you can make an informed decision about the future of your relationship.

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Workbook 1: Am I dating a narcissist? (eBook)

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