Pain into Purpose // The Shadows

Pain into Purpose…

The shadows. The dark. Where no one can see
Looking over shoulders to make sure no one sees you with me
The shadows where there’s no light upon me
The shadows are no place for a wonderful spirit such as me
I exist only in the shadowlands
I have no place in your life or your plans
If not for the pandemic, my eyes wouldn’t rest on thee
No public displays of light will you bestow upon me
It takes a worldwide pandemic for you to reach out for me
When your works plans are dashed and you sit upon the Italian settee
Now you want to request my presence, physically
Really. (Insert name). Really
After all this time, a modicum of lockdown validation
When the fame and celebrity no longer give your ego floatation
Now you reach out to me.
Maybe just maybe, he does love you Key
This isn’t love, it’s infatuation
It’s mind games and provocation
Wake up silly b##ch
You’re only there to scratch a quarantine itch
Self-harm or self-love is your only decision
To ascend to higher heights and new dimensions
By bruking up ol’ patterns of self-degradation
Higher heights or new levels of low
Mediocracy where the unhappy life principles flow
Where unhelpful attachment patterns give you blow after blow
Where love consistently hurts and you can’t say no
Higher or lower self choices. Only you get to decide
Ascension to a new dimension where true self-love resides
Don’t forget my dear queen, every moment of every single day, you get to decide
Same ol, same ol or something new
Ascension new dimensions.
The choice is always with you


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