how to overcome fear

Are you feeling the fear? Do you need help overcoming fear?

Are you scared to move forward or make a change? Are you worried about the repercussions of doing something for you, and therefore do nothing? Do you need to break free but the fear of what that means stops you living your best life? Do you feel stuck?

If you answered yes to any of the above this FREE Masterclass with the well-respected psychotherapist, Keeley Taverner, is for you.

The Mindset Mastermind Series: Overcoming Fear


2nd December 2020 @ 7:30pm

Keeley Taverner

In this Masterclass, you will get actionable tips and develop your insights so you can move forward with any element of your life where fear is holding you back.

This Overcoming Fear Masterclass is for people who want more out of life but know that life and making choices can be tricky. This session is for the self-improvement pursuers - those that are used to investing in themselves as well as those who are new to the idea. It's for anyone who understands that having tips to help navigate life's ever-changing terrain can be priceless. No experience is necessary to join this Masterclass.

Fear. It’s holding so many of us back in so many ways.

I'm glad that I embraced my fears and understood how they were limiting me. I committed to moving forward regardless of all ‘the ifs and buts’ and what those snarky naysayers had to say which made the fear of judgement come right up to the top!

And now for the first time ever, I'm sharing my wisdom as a well-respected psychotherapist who has walked the walk, so can now talk the talk, in the FREE Masterclass on the 2nd December, showing you how you too can overcome fear.

This FREE Masterclass is for you if

✅  you’re ready to start taking those first steps to overcome fear
✅  you want to understand your fears and anxieties and where they come from
✅  you want to gain insights about your behaviour and how it may be limiting you
✅  you want to recognise the signs and symptoms of fear
✅  you want actionable tips to overcome fear.

In the Overcoming Fear Mastermind, you will learn three tips to help you develop your insights as well as insights that relate to wellbeing and how to live an authentic life without fear.

You will also have an opportunity to contribute to a question and answer session with Keeley Taverner. This is a live session, not prerecorded.

"Take care of you, because if you don't, who will?"

― Keeley Taverner



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