Melasma: My skin condition and the journey of self-acceptance

You may or not have noticed the dark patches on my face – melasma. I don’t hide them, I don’t cover it with makeup. I accept it for what it is…

However, in the summer months, the dark patches become more pronounced when I get a tan. A few friends have noticed it and my dear friend encouraged me this time last year to go to the Doctors. So I went and found out that I have this melasma condition that isn’t cancerous but is non-treatable.

I’m not in love with it, but I endeavour to accept it because this body is the only one that I have, so I try to accept it and on days when it’s more noticeable, I accept that too.

The alternative to self-acceptance is self-reject and that type of internal battle will reduce my personal power.

Self-acceptance frees you. If not, self-condemnation will only hurt you

Melasma: My skin condition

I talk about this in a video on my Facebook page, pop over, have a watch, and let me know what you think in the comments.

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