Overcoming Guilt Masterclass

This FREE Overcoming Guilt Masterclass is for you if...

✅  you feel overwhelmed with guilt in an area of your life

✅  you don't take actions to live your best life because of guilt

✅  you want to gain insights about your behaviour and how it may be limiting you

✅  you want to recognise the triggers

✅  you want actionable tips to overcome the habit

✅  you feel like it's only a matter of time before people find out I’m not good enough

✅  you struggle to understand when you are guilty and when you are innocent

✅  you feel like you owe it to someone to act a certain way

✅  your relationship with your children/parents or similar is guilt-based

If these statements feel familiar, you are not alone. Lots of people feel the same and experience degrees of the anguish brought on by shame and guilt. The heavy burden of guilt can often keep us from connecting with ourselves and others.

In the Overcoming Guilt Masterclass, you will understand some of the many ways in which guilt and shame both subtly and overtly manifest themselves in our lives. You will learn tips to help you develop your insights and move towards living a guilt-free authentic life.

You will also have an opportunity to contribute to a question and answer session with the well-respected psychotherapist, Keeley Taverner. This is a live session, not prerecorded.

You may not believe it but living with guilt can hurt you immensely, and often results in you being controlled and manipulated.

Guilt is a big way in which people can have control over you so you have to learn to sit with guilt.

So join me for this Masterclass, where I will be answering your questions and offering some useful tips.

Sometimes we need to make new decisions today, so we can have a brighter future tomorrow!

If you're ready to experience a refreshing way to get deep insights that can help you to make important changes, then this FREE Masterclass with the well-respected psychotherapist, Keeley Taverner is for you.

Overcoming Guilt Masterclass

The Mindset Masterclass Series: Overcoming Guilt


24th February 2021 @ 7:30pm

In this Masterclass, you will get actionable tips and develop your insights into your feelings of guilt. This FREE Masterclass is for people who want more out of life.

In this session, we will explore:

  • How to sit with guilt
  • Your questions about guilt
  • How manipulation and control is fed by guilt
  • The life-enhancing benefits of saying yes to you

This session is for the self-improvement pursuers - those that are used to investing in themselves as well as those who are new to the idea. It's for anyone who understands that having tips to help navigate life's ever-changing terrain can be priceless.

No experience is necessary to join this Masterclass.

I'm glad that I tackled my own feelings of guilt and understood how they were limiting me. I committed to moving forward regardless of what those snarky naysayers had to say!

- Keeley Taverner, Psychotherapist, Author and Coach.

"Take care of you, because if you don't, who will?"

― Keeley Taverner



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