30th June 2021 @ 7:30pm (BST)

Few people will get it, but if you have been caught in a narcissistic abusive relationship you will truly understand. 

It’s a mind f##k, where games are played, blame is laid and your best is never good enough.

It may have been your mother, lover, brother, boss or best friend.

You may have bent over backwards and gone above and beyond to help. You may have been seduced by their potential or always saw the best in them. You may minimise or explain away their bad behaviour.

In the end, you keep tolerating nonsense and you may be baffled why something which should be so good could turn so wrong.

If you struggle to make sense of a nonsensical difficult relationship with an unnecessarily difficult person, you are not alone.

If your friends roll their eyes at the mention of the narcissist’s name and you’re at the end of your tether – sign up, tune in and learn some powerful lessons from an experienced psychotherapist that not only gets it but has recovered and overcome narcissistic abuse.

You are not alone.
Trust me you are not alone.

You can not force someone to love and respect you, it's impossible. But, you can choose not to be disrespected.

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How much is the masterclass?

It’s free! All you need to do is register and look out for the email with joining instructions.

What is a masterclass?

Think of it as a many course. It’s one hour of interactive live teaching.

Who runs these sessions?

The sessions are live sessions hosted by psychotherapist and author, Keeley Taverner. You can find out more about Keeley on this website.

Will people see me at the session?

Only if you choose to be seen. You have control over whether you switch your camera on and/or show your name.

Can I ask questions?

Please do, I encourage it. Please send an email to keeley@keyforchange.com with MASTERCLASS QUESTION in the subject line.

What happens after the session?

That’s for you to decide. Nothing. Lots. Your choice. You can work with me on a deeper level – via my courses perhaps or maybe you’d like to talk to me about something specific.

Sounds great! What do I need?

You need an internet connection and the ability to access Zoom. I also recommend having a glass of water and a pen and paper to hand