A warm welcome from Keeley Taverner, Director of Key for Change

My unique blend of life coaching, counselling and psychotherapy is designed to enable you to achieve positive, lasting change and provide you with a confidence toolkit you can rely on for life.

Psychotherapist, Author, Coach and Supervisor

Special interest: intimate relationships and human potential.

Back in 2002, Keeley was a cashier on IKEA’s checkout line. Having left school with no qualifications, she had little ambition or self-belief. She was also in a toxic, violent relationship and a young mother to two daughters. Keeley struggled to understand how her life had become so difficult, her feelings of isolation heightened by the damning ‘I told you so’ judgements of loved ones. She was very much lost and knew that if she did not change, her children would suffer a similar fate.

It was while watching The Oprah Winfrey Show that Keeley was guided to the book that served as her introduction to the self-help world, In the Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant.

Ever since then, she has passionately pursued knowledge and understanding of human behaviour, showing a particular fascination with intimate relationships and human potential.

Just some of Keeley’s achievements so far include:

  • Beginning a psychology degree at Brunel University as a mature student in 2003
  • Graduating from Brunel in 2007, leaving Ikea to pursue a career at HMP Wormwood Scrubs
  • Starting a masters degree in person-centred psychotherapy in 2008, while working full-time as the thinking skills resettlement manager for London Probation Trust
  • Completing her masters course by 2012, when she started her private practice, Key for Change
  • Leaving her full-time role in May 2015, having decided to realise her ambitions on her own
  • Keeley took a leap of faith and begun to work for herself, helping and supporting other people to unlock their potential and overcome adversity In 2016, Keeley launched Key for Change and Associates, a private wellbeing centre with a team of qualified expert helping professionals.
  • By 2017, she graduated from the Metanoia Institute with a distinction.

Today, Keeley works in private practice and is passionate about breaking down the barriers that prevent people from asking for help.


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