The danger of hope

Take a moment to watch this video where I discuss the dangers of hope.

Our capacity to love is our greatest asset, but it needs to be protected. We can all hope it will be OK. That Big D Derek is going to change because he said this time would be better and he’s really sorry for the last disrespect….. but be careful of empty promises and most importantly be aware of hope.

Hope must be grounded in reality otherwise it's fantasy

Hope must be grounded in reality otherwise you’re living in a fantasy. That’s a fact. Often our hope/fantasies keep us holding on, waiting, wishing, praying and yearning …

All the while, we’re avoiding reality and in doing so, we’re hurting ourselves! An act of self-harm, if you ask me.

Ultimately, hope is an amazing quality to have and a motivational force that can help in times of difficulty. The reality is that we need to be real with ourselves. Hope enables us to carry on in the face of adversity because we are optimistic about a positive future, this is great. However, we need to be mindful because if our hope is not grounded in reality, we are likely to distort reality in order to maintain a fantasy that exists in our mind’s eye.


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Living in hope? Does all this sound too familiar? Hit a nerve?

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why you care and they don't

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