For all the mamas out there

To the ladies who have loved and lost…

I feel your pain.

It hurts like hell and can be so humiliating,

We gave our all and ended up with sawdust.

Alone, confused and thinking the blame must lay solely with us.

To the women who never dreamt you’d be doing it alone…

I know your pain and over the years it grows.

Many disappointments, milestone events and parents evening was the worst.

When I’d look at that empty fatherless chair, it just made me feel worse.

The humiliation is hard and as a single mum, I tried my best.

Yet, it’s a wound we can’t heal so it’s best we accept.

Overcompensating is not an ideal situation,

The kids won’t get it and it will lead to much frustration.

It’s so easy to remain incredibly annoyed,

To get stuck blaming and not pay attention to our inner void.

We loved too much for a special reason,

And if we don’t learn why we will repeat our pain in another life season.

Keep blaming and you’ll miss the gold hidden in your situation,

Dive deep within and revisit the entire situation.

If you’re open and non-defensive you’ll begin to see,

How we co-created our painful reality.

Our past hurts, unconsciously lead us into re-creation,

Where we sort emotionally unavailable men to remedy our past situations.

But you can’t heal, if you don’t find the source of your original wound.

We have to go back to move forward from our childhood devastation.

Make your pain purposeful, that’s the key🔑

And if you’ve read this far, maybe it’s time to take your healing journey with me.


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