Why is love so complicated? Why does love hurt so much? Why does love seem to be so elusive?

These are important questions and the answers are not so easy to find. Can you identify with the following experiences:

  • Have you settled for crumbs in your relationship?
  • Are you baffled why you always attract users, abusers, and losers?
  • Or do you just hate that you keep getting it wrong again and again?

You may have read self-help books or watched a tonne of YouTube videos about finding long-lasting love; and your well-meaning friends, bless them, have given you loads of advice and practical tips. Yet, in spite of what you know, you’re still entertaining bozo’s, no-hopers and sweet talkers who have no idea of your value and worth.

  • Is it time to stop trying to make them love you?
  • Is it time to stop giving your all?
  • Is it time to stop hoping that one day they’ll know your worth?
  • Because holding on, is not good for your precious heart!

What you need is clarity and understanding, become crystal clear about the factors that influence your love-life dilemmas. I know you have a good heart and a lot of love to give. So don’t give up hope, change is possible, I know your pain and frustrations and as such the Feel LOVED workshop has been designed specifically with your tender heart in mind.

What is Feel LOVED?

The Feel LOVED workshop is inspired by the insights gained from an online pilot study undertaken in February 2019. This research revealed six re-occurring themes that impact on your best efforts to find long-lasting love.

  1. The hook
  2. Head over heart or heart over head?
  3. Feeling good enough - internal influences
  4. Feeling good enough - external influences
  5. Borders & Boundaries
  6. Embracing change and channeling energy

This one day workshop will give you insights into these areas, with thought-provoking creative activities, lovingly designed to assist you in learning, laughing and connecting with like-minded people in a spirit of openness and wonderment.

  • You’re worthy of love, respect, and loyalty.
  • You can break negative cycles
  • You do deserve better.
  • You just have to start to believe it
  • If my life can change, yours can too!

For the first time, I am proud to bring together key ideas in one, amazing interactive, experiential woke-shop: Feel LOVED. A bespoke programme that inspires thought, ‘a-ha’ moments and epiphanies that I hope, will inspire you to make making meaningful, lasting changes to your life.


Sat, 28 September 2019

09:30 – 16:00

£41.46 per person. Early bird pricing! Sold Out.
Now £59 per person.

Enrol early to get the best rate.

Grange Strathmore Hotel, 41 Queen's Gate Gardens, London.


9:30-10:00 Registration

10:00-10.30 Welcome

10:30-11:15 The hook | Heart over head or head over heart?

11:15-11:30 Break

11:30-1:00 Feeling good enough

1:00-1:45 Lunch

1:45-2:30 Borders & boundaries

2:30-2:45 Break

2:45-4:00 Embracing change and close

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I have recently completed the Feel Loved pilot group with Keeley. Firstly, it was an amazing experience to engage with other people from all walks of life, who had all suffered in relationships that did not serve them. It was comforting to not feel alone and also to begin to understand why I had allowed and continued to allow, these situations into my life. Keeley is a very knowledgeable psychotherapist who has a gift for being able to tailor her advice and language to suit each individual, even within a group setting. Keeley genuinely has your best interests at heart and this beams out in every session.

Workshop Attendee, June 2019.

The Feel Loved course was delivered in a relaxed, fun and friendly way that put me at ease...everyone connected and participated and I felt encouraged to share as the space felt safe.

Workshop Attendee, June 2019.

The whole class atmosphere created made it safe to talk openly. I enjoyed the insights and learning from Keeley and am looking forward to reading through the workbook.

Workshop Attendee, June 2019.

I wish we had more time! Thank you very much Keeley! It was awesome. A great workshop!

Workshop Attendee, June 2019

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