Escaping Domestic Violence

Cardi B. might not be a name you are familiar with, especially when it comes to escaping domestic violence, but she is someone from whom a number of important lessons can be learnt. Growing up in a tough part of New York, she first attracted attention for discussing her career as a stripper on social media before becoming a successful female rap artist.

I recently watched a video of her speaking about escaping domestic abuse and if you are in a similar situation, such as a relationship in which you are being trodden down psychologically, emotionally or financially, then I would encourage you to read on for inspiration.

Cardi B. was exceptionally vulnerable and talked about being in a volatile relationship where there was violence and she feared to leave. What she then identifies is that she had choices. She didn’t necessarily like her choices, and she was scared, but she chose to be a stripper because that gave her a way out. She had to escape domestic violence. If you are in a volatile situation, I am not encouraging you to be a stripper, however, what I would encourage you to think about are the choices that you have available to you.

You may not like your choices, they may not be the greatest options available to you, but you do have choices. At worst, you could consider going into a hostel that could provide care. 

Watching Cardi B.’s video, it became clear that she gave up on her dreams because of the men that she met in her life. Is that something that you’ve done? Have you put your dreams and ambitions on the back burner to put your man first because that’s something that you believed was or is important? If so, my advice to you is to be very careful. You are sacrificing your life and when you do that you potentially lose a part of your identity, which is fundamental to your wellbeing.

In the interview, she also talks about feeling insecure when she became a stripper even though she did not suffer from insecurities prior to that. It was particularly interesting to learn that it was at this point she decided to get plastic surgery on her bottom and enlarge her breasts.

Listening to the interview, however, I could not help thinking that she is actually a very bright and intelligent woman. She may not have a long list of academic qualifications behind her, but she is extremely sharp and astute. Who knows where her career could take her. My hope is that she gets the support that she needs to protect herself because she is still vulnerable. I do hope she’s done the work within.

Ladies, I would encourage you to check out her video and gain an insight into the way in which she was able to escape domestic abuse. If you are in that situation, get help. Do not delay. The longer you are in that situation, the more volatile it is likely to get and the greater the risk of damage being done to your self-esteem.

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