empaths struggle to put themselves first

The more I journey with highly empathic people is the more I come to realise, how tricky it is for them to put themselves first.

Feelings of guilt and selfishness often occur when it comes to being self-indulgent and there can be resistance when it comes to spending money exclusively on the self. Yet, rather interestingly, empaths can say yes to others without giving it a second thought and can often end up paying heavily in time, money and emotional energy.

As the years go by, I see the many creative ways empathic people say no to themselves and I often wonder if it’s a disguised/unconscious form of self-neglect?

Your dreams and a new life awaits you... if you can get out of your own way.


the empaths self protection course

I really have heard it all over the years, and one thing I can say, is you never lose when you invest in yourself. As you may well know, I didn’t go from an IKEA checkout cashier to Director, homeowner and psychotherapist by waiting for others to invest in me. I took my tax credits, child benefit and wages. I ploughed that money into developing myself to defy stereotypes, overcome low expectations, and change the odds of a girl raised on a West London council estate.

I have never lost when I have invested in myself. Today, I live an abundantly good life with purpose and meaning, I have a few trusted friends, a 20-year-old car and I love myself. I dread to think what would have happened to me if I said no to taking a chance on me.

So what really stops you?

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Your dreams and a new life awaits you… if you can get out of your own way.

Keeley Taverner is a well-respected psychotherapist, author and coach. If you have been inspired by this article or would like to interview Keeley for your publications, please do get in touch.