WhatsApp Anxiety

To delete or not to delete? Dealing with WhatsApp Anxiety

Let’s talk about that failed lover (or almost-lover) that’s still hanging about in your phone. Let’s talk about ...

Am I desperate for love?

Three signs you're desperate for love... Are you single and looking for love? Then this video is for ...
self care quotes

Inconvenient truth: self-care or self-despair?

Ladies, this one is for you. I originally posted one this from Marrakesh, where I’m on a fitness ...
The road to self-destruction

The road to self-destruction

Countless celebrities have gone down the road to the self-destruction, from Whitney Houston to Britney Spears and even ...

I am a side chick! Why does this happen to me?

Why am I a side chick? So, do you want to know the real reasons you're always a ...
Why rock bottom can be good for you

Why do we keep repeating vicious cycles?

In the main, what tends to happen is that we need to go on repeating vicious cycles until ...
How to deal with guilt-trippers, narcs and manipulators

How to deal with guilt-trippers, narcs and manipulators

When people use guilt-tripping tactics on you, they are almost always trying to control and manipulate you in ...
10 signs your dating an empath

10 signs you’re an empath

An empath is a highly sensitive person. The word empath derives from the word empathy and means you're ...

10 reasons why radical self-responsibility will change your life

Self-responsibility is one of the key factors that will assist you to change your life. However, the majority ...

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