I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself properly… I’m Keeley Taverner.

I’m an Empath & Narcissist Expert, Psychotherapist, Wellbeing Consultant, Author and Speaker.

I am genuinely passionate about helping people to learn invaluable life lessons from adverse experiences through the process of therapy, coaching and my life-changing programme, Navigating Narcissists Now.

I’m known for helping empaths understand narcissistic relationships – what I do goes far beyond that. I facilitate personal miracles, assisting people to see the genius within, to move beyond fear, lack and limitation. It is possible to see the value in unwelcomed adversity and to harness that power. It is possible to focus the energy on saying yes to pursuing abandoned dreams to enable people to make conscious empowered choices in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

I have worked with thousands of individuals and many companies such as the Home Office, Bupa, AXA, Aviva, borough councils and the BBC, to name just a few.

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My main aim is to plant seeds of thought and provoke new ways of living. Human potential is infinite. Our choices create our reality. 

Your dreams are intertwined with your destiny and, if you let them, will give you a life of meaning and purpose.

Just look at my story; my life chances weren’t great, the odds were stacked against me and then I realised I had to take a chance on me. 

Are you ready to take a chance on you?


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