10 signs you’re an empath

An empath is a highly sensitive person. The word empath derives from the word empathy and means you’re someone who’s able to feel and understand how another person’s world is. Today, we’re discussing the 10 signs you’re an empath.

1 – The first sign that you’re an empath is that you have a deep sensitivity and empathy towards others and the ability to sensitively understand and experience somebody else’s world as if it were your own and have the ability to step inside that person’s shoes.

2 – You’re a kind and considerate soul, a giver by nature and someone who’s been sensitive to the plight and difficulties of others. Sadly, this often makes you highly sensitive to the mood and energy of others and you’ll end up as an ‘emotional sponge’ and feel things because you have such an empathic sensitive nature.

3 – You have the ability to read people’s energy and because of that it’s hard for people to fool you – unless of course, you want to be fooled because for whatever reason you may want to embark upon that relationship. You will be highly attuned to individuals and can often read them, which is why it’s important to pay close attention to your intuition and instincts.

4 – You will have a strong desire to help people. Additionally, you will be highly sensitive to the plight of others and as a result, you will feel compelled to support other people.

5 – You are compassionate and at times you can be incredibly deep. You are highly sensitive to other people’s pain and you feel compelled to give support to others, however, you need to be mindful of the importance of also replenishing yourself and careful that you don’t neglect your own needs.

6 – You’re highly intuitive and when you don’t work with your instincts it’s likely that life will get tricky. You are someone who knows without knowing, but as you journey through life you will need to develop a stronger bond and trust with your instincts because you will know from past experiences that when you don’t do this, life can become complicated.

7 – You attract takers. Empaths are givers by nature and by virtue of that often attract their polar opposites, ‘the takers’ or narcissists. You have to be acutely aware of narcissists because they are the Achilles heel of empaths – the people that you need to be particularly mindful of as all of your empathetic, caring and compassionate ways can work against you when you are in a relationship with those types of individuals. Even though an empath can try to strategize and protect themselves when in narcissistic relationships, ultimately the empath will come off worse due to their highly sensitive caring nature. It is therefore important to protect your heart. Would you like to explore narcissism further? Take a look at my workbooks Am I dating a narcissist and Help! I’m dating a narcissist.

8 – You’ll probably feel drawn to the ‘helping professions’ as this is a beautiful match for your empathic nature. You need to be particularly mindful that you don’t burn out as there are lots of institutions that can drain and leach and trade on the compassion of empaths to continuously keep giving. It’s highly important that you self-care, especially when you are in demanding, giving and depleting jobs.

9 – You’ve probably been brought up being told that you’re too sensitive and need to toughen up. If you don’t understand the qualities of being an empath then it’s likely that you may think that your gift is a curse rather than a blessing and something you need to protect. Remember, with any gift comes responsibility and it is your duty to be hypersensitive to your own needs otherwise the gift of empathy can feel like a curse.

10 – If these descriptions speak to you, then my encouragement to you is to conduct a deep dive and understand what it means to be an empath, what it takes to look after yourself, what personal boundaries you need to exist by and how to say no. All of those things are going to be incredibly important for you because you have so much love to give, but if you don’t protect something that is precious then it deteriorates and dies.


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